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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sonnet CXCI

                Barack Obama
                                       was your choice.
He was, or wasn’t he? He’s worth your vote!
He’s better anyhow than Mister Old
and Miss Alaska-Gal, all bright and coy.

MY GOD. I actually don’t care a bit
to study for my math test. For this day –
MY GOD…this night of voting – isn’t play.
It’s real. It’s now. It’s not some fad to hit.

With seconds, minutes left, go vote or think
at least, politically. Discard the rags
of commonplace and trivial pursuits.
Don’t let your government and life just sink!
Take action, make your nation firm, not sag!
Or if you won’t, just watch the goddamn news!


  1. If you're American, go vote.
    If you did, I hope you did for Obama!
    An active citizen = a good citizen.

    And I ended up studying for the math test after all. It's pretty strange how my Halloween/election sonnets got shifted to July when I changed my post dates back a few months! Ah well, enjoy. :)

  2. I'm excited about this blog--thank you so much for posting the link on The One Minute Writer! Your poetry is great--looking forward to reading more.

    Yes, please feel free to use my writing prompts. If you end up doing that, I may go ahead and link to this blog on The One Minute Writer, if that's okay.

    For now I'm going to put you on my blog roll which is on my other blog.

    Great stuff!!!


  3. Thanks Beth, for stopping by! (If you read this, hurrah!) I'm glad you enjoy the sonnets. You know, this one took 5 minutes, which is a record by far (will I one day write one in a minute? hmmm...). But the speed is obvious through how bad the sonnet turned out :(

    Please feel free to link my site! If I end up publishing the sonnets...guess who's going to be appearing in the dedication! (along with the millions of other requests...)

    Thanks again Beth! I'd love for you to follow my blog (and my other ones :P) and I'll put your blog on my link lists everywhere :) The ideas you come up with are fantastic!

  4. the rhyming scheme uses a mix of freestyle sonnet and freedom sonnet. this kind of sonnets on the burning issues of the day is what Somtow would like to propagate and which I myself find commendable and recommendable. I'll be back.

  5. Thank you! I love experimenting with the new forms of sonnets and new ways of rhyming. I stole the freestyle technique from my friend Scott. Very interesting.

    Sounds ominous... :)

  6. Ha--just saw your white text about Blogger & tabs. I had that trouble too (incidentally, posting a poem on my blog.)

    Here's what I found: In HTML mode type AMPERSANDnbspSEMICOLON replacing the words AMPERSAND and SEMICOLON with the appropriate symbols (& and ;). See an example here: You need to type that entire HTML code (or just copy and paste) for every space you want beyond one space. DON'T switch back to regular mode; just click "Post" while in HTML mode. I think that's how I finally got it to work.

    Does that make any sense???

    "nbsp" means "non-breaking space."

  7. Thanks SO much C. Beth! (I almost called you Beth, but that's probably not your first name :P) I like using the   method and though it's a little trial-and-error-ish, it's better than subliminal messaging tabs!


A word is dead
When it is said,
Some say.

I say it just
Begins to live
That day.

- Emily Dickinson

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