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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sonnet CCIV

Like Mr. Thomas Alva Edison perhaps,
I’ll build some great and cool invention, like a stick

that reaches to the distant, tiny, stupid switch
that operates the lights. The stick would gently tap
the switch and all the lights would turn right off, like that.
I wouldn’t have to leave my comfy bed to switch
the lights, in darkness, off. I’d take my handy stick
and switch the switch. What fun I’d have with things like that!

Alas, the use for such a stick is limited
and wouldn’t market very well, despite my bid.

However, writing like a nutty madman here,
my thoughts, ideas, and such are never limited.
And many buy my thoughts, although I have no bid,
for poetry can move the public all to tears.


  1. This is, by the way, my first French-style sonnet written in iambic hexameter, so each line is two syllables longer and the sonnet as a whole is differently organized.

  2. Hi Mike, congrats on 200 sonnets and good luck with the new style! The 12 syllables feel weird to me now, and are difficult to say almost. I like the transition into seriousness in the last 4 lines, but why are there 13 lines?

  3. Oh woops...this was 204...I meant to say 201 was my first French one :P

    Thanks! The reason why the 12 syllables sound strange would be:
    a) I'm not used to writing this way, so it's sort of hard to make the longer phrases sound good.
    b) Traditionally, hexameter is "ponderous" and "slow", so I'm going to have get around that.

    And there's 13 because I goofed :P

  4. Wow what a talent! great work. I have added a link to your sonnets on my photo blog because I write narratives with my photos and your work will fit well with my site. Keep up the great work.


  5. Your poetry is swell. good luck on your project and your goal.

  6. Thanks, Dan! :) I'll check out your site for sure.


A word is dead
When it is said,
Some say.

I say it just
Begins to live
That day.

- Emily Dickinson

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