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Sunday, December 06, 2009


Though dead for centuries and centuries,
you never cease to fascinate and please.

Collective grievances and heartfelt joy
of choirs in their polyphonic play;
Cantatas, mystic in their piousness,
yet human in their rich emotiveness;
Concerti, full of outward brilliance,
and meditative pensiveness within;
The worldliest of dances, slow and fast,
hypnotic rhythms merged with style and class;
A contrapuntal grace and mastery
in heavenly and haunting fugal themes.

Why does your music captivate me so?
I love it all, the little that I know.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


My envy seethes below the fallen leaves,
defiant hills of discontented green.
I cannot find serenity today:
where are the placid fields of yesterday?
The strident branches reach up to the sky,
almighty in their rage, and ever high.
How void the arms which once held happiness,
which now are shrivelled in their bitterness;
how stark the cloudless sky of gray above,
a limitless expanse devoid of sun.

I have no place at lovely Nature’s feast;
the hosts all mimic me and tease.
I only see the progeny of rage,
which taunts me, multiplied in every way.

Monday, October 05, 2009


Its garden dead, its contents cold and bare,
What’s left is just a shell to be repaired.
The sprawling weeds reign king, the grass is long;
the tulips lay forgotten in the throng.

The truck sits, blocking all the driveway space,
forbidding in its grand yet simple grace.
The kids play all around, unbidden, free,
but pause to wave as I pass, wondering.

How love had driven them to tend their home!
The sentiments have fled, one can behold –
the house is peeling, barren, messy, tired.
But final rays of afternoon ignite;
the sparkling windows flash a last farewell.
The truck clangs shut, and leaves with troll-like stealth.

Monday, September 21, 2009


He’s crafted hair for half a century,
so mine are pinpricks in a hairy sea.
He snips and combs, and strips away the old;
the excess falls like needles to my cloak.
They look like magnets, silver in the light;
at other angles, they are dark as night,
much blacker than the black that shields my clothes.
He starts to talk – on what he loves and loathes;
his loyal friends and customers all laugh.
His plans for after work, his coloured past –
these fill the place with laughter, joy, and mirth,
although there’s three of us (but soon a fourth).

He’s done with me at last. I smile and pay,
then turn back toward my mundane Saturday.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


The summer has departed: autumn’s here.

The lazy, torpid days have fled in tears,
Afraid of chilly days, afraid of cold.
The ruby leaves replace the sunny gold,
Accompanied by silver of the clouds.
The daisy’s petticoats are dry and brown,
Discarded in farewell to lovely youth
In favour of their barren stems and roots.

But no more rain or tears! Enough of that!
The year moves on, forgetful of the past.
We’ll watch the geese fly south; we’ll wait for snow,
While treasuring the warmth that we have known.

Farewell, farewell to dearest summertime –
What joy we’ve felt, what joy we’ll always find!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Today the sky is tearful, dark, and sad.
The walls are greyish-brown and drab;
they’re not the taupe I chose the other day.
Awakening today is bitter, full of pain;
my bed sheets strangle me; they hold me back.
Their jarring, lurid yellow drives me mad;
their cheerfulness is mocking, hateful, dry.
The windows drown me with their torrid light.

My neck and back are sore; I need a drink.
An anger burns my mouth; my teeth are clenched.
My empty cup sits, waiting next to me –
my heart agrees. The world is emptiness.

It takes a massive bound to leap from bed,
to have the guts to face the day ahead.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


I cachinnate at all our three-chord songs,
at all attempts to fit in and belong.
Derision greets the slogans that I loathe,
the mindless humming of our T.V. shows.

But I discover what we all have known;
I dig, display emotions all have known;
subscribed to trends, like all have done before;
subjected life to patterns used before.

For we are humans, similar and all;
restrictions bind us to a common thread.
We tread for freedom, hear its blatant call,
but realize there’s only us ahead.

And we’re so all alike, recycling,
as if there is no news but our dis-ease.

Monday, September 07, 2009


White fluffy clouds are fleeing far away,
preparing for their darker, darker day.
Last drips of summer trickle down my face;
the breezes taunt me like a sheerest lace.

I watch the flowers pack away their youth,
to save each memory of fiery hue.
Lest old regrets cloud bliss and happiness;
we celebrate the days we’ll always miss.

The sweetest honeyed murmurs swaddle me,
but words melt into laughs – then slowly cease.
Cicadas hum their final melody,
and autumn winds prepare to shake the trees.

I just have time to bid my mute adieu,
and swallow up the sky, so cobalt blue.

Friday, August 28, 2009


A lonely pair of lifelong enemies
sit, glaring in their tank, despondently.
Soon snapping claws are closed with rubber bands:
the water sprays; the buyers hide their hands.

From liquid to the dryness of a bag,
the foes grow weak, but ever, ever mad.
Transported to a fridge, they’re stuffed inside.
They sit at zero Celsius with wine.

The morning comes. The fridge light flickers on.
Removed from their abyss, they greet the warmth.
But all too soon they greet a greater one –
and boil in the flames of Hell, to death.

But if they’re lucky, they’ll be au gratin,
and if they’re not, they’re torn apart,
                                                                      to bits.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Exalted in the happiness of pain,
The world is crowning me with strange disdain!
How proud I’ll be within its reverie:
My wreath’s an honour, undeserved of me.

My rough exterior’s inscribed by hate,
a fitting way to demonstrate my fate.
(Or else, I seem too arrogant, too proud,
rejoicing silently of hateful crowds.)

But like most monarchs I shall take to bed,
a-weary of the honours I’ve received.
And soon, as words begin to crowd my head,
I realize I have many woes to grieve.

And hate accumulates as pride grows dim…
the world is mine, and yet I serve its whims.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


we long to drink we long for drugs and sex
were wicked teens strung high by natures hex
adrenaline and folly are our chant
our words are slurred our movements are a dance
were on computers every waking hour
ignoring chores and acting simply sour
were rude
               were boorish
                                    always such a mess
at every moment mad or quite depressed

and Yet –
               We still take buses to our school;
               Our mothers still remind us of the cold;
               We’re still subject to all our father’s rules;
               And frankly, we’re still kids – we’re not that old.

But rebels we shall stay, extreme or mild,
each one of us an adult-werewolf-child.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


This caterpillar never learns to crawl,
but quivers from a tree branch, scorned by all.
It hangs to ripen with the rain and sun,
until its skin is soft and hue is dun.

This brooch of precious pearls and ruby gems
is now the butterfly upon each stem.
It’s only till we taste them that we know
that they yet to darken and to grow.

The darkest ones, as black as charcoal ink
are unmistakable as night itself.
Their violet innards stain our fingertips,
collapsing at our touch into themselves.

Around the berry tree we dance around –
to pluck the jewels to pop into our mouths!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


O newborn baby, quiet as a sheep,
your eyes are tightly closed in tender sleep!
How soft your rosy skin, how small your lips;
What tiny nails upon your fingertips!
Your eyes are opening, first one, alone
(the other one is much too tired to show)!
Your ears, two conches, listen all around –
The world’s a brand new place, so full of sound!

But happiness dissolves to angry cries,
Much stronger than expected of this child!
Poor Dad and Mommy try and search and try…
But calming Baby takes awhile!

Then soon she’s off again, asleep for hours,
A precious little angel, sweetly sour.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


The human heart is full of treachery:
for some know wicked arts of flattery,
which – fused with coldness – prove unstoppable,
transforming wise men into simple fools.

The moths are hiding on the bark of trees;
the katydids blend in with all the leaves –
such sly deception’s even learned by them!
Beware – the world is full of wicked men!

But time and time again we’re aptly fooled:
an eyespot here, a clever colour there!
How hated is that smile, so amused,
concealing such betrayals of our care!

We’ll one day read the patterns of the moths,
or else we’ll still be fraught with rage and loss!

Thanks, Wordle!