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Monday, September 21, 2009


He’s crafted hair for half a century,
so mine are pinpricks in a hairy sea.
He snips and combs, and strips away the old;
the excess falls like needles to my cloak.
They look like magnets, silver in the light;
at other angles, they are dark as night,
much blacker than the black that shields my clothes.
He starts to talk – on what he loves and loathes;
his loyal friends and customers all laugh.
His plans for after work, his coloured past –
these fill the place with laughter, joy, and mirth,
although there’s three of us (but soon a fourth).

He’s done with me at last. I smile and pay,
then turn back toward my mundane Saturday.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


The summer has departed: autumn’s here.

The lazy, torpid days have fled in tears,
Afraid of chilly days, afraid of cold.
The ruby leaves replace the sunny gold,
Accompanied by silver of the clouds.
The daisy’s petticoats are dry and brown,
Discarded in farewell to lovely youth
In favour of their barren stems and roots.

But no more rain or tears! Enough of that!
The year moves on, forgetful of the past.
We’ll watch the geese fly south; we’ll wait for snow,
While treasuring the warmth that we have known.

Farewell, farewell to dearest summertime –
What joy we’ve felt, what joy we’ll always find!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Today the sky is tearful, dark, and sad.
The walls are greyish-brown and drab;
they’re not the taupe I chose the other day.
Awakening today is bitter, full of pain;
my bed sheets strangle me; they hold me back.
Their jarring, lurid yellow drives me mad;
their cheerfulness is mocking, hateful, dry.
The windows drown me with their torrid light.

My neck and back are sore; I need a drink.
An anger burns my mouth; my teeth are clenched.
My empty cup sits, waiting next to me –
my heart agrees. The world is emptiness.

It takes a massive bound to leap from bed,
to have the guts to face the day ahead.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


I cachinnate at all our three-chord songs,
at all attempts to fit in and belong.
Derision greets the slogans that I loathe,
the mindless humming of our T.V. shows.

But I discover what we all have known;
I dig, display emotions all have known;
subscribed to trends, like all have done before;
subjected life to patterns used before.

For we are humans, similar and all;
restrictions bind us to a common thread.
We tread for freedom, hear its blatant call,
but realize there’s only us ahead.

And we’re so all alike, recycling,
as if there is no news but our dis-ease.

Monday, September 07, 2009


White fluffy clouds are fleeing far away,
preparing for their darker, darker day.
Last drips of summer trickle down my face;
the breezes taunt me like a sheerest lace.

I watch the flowers pack away their youth,
to save each memory of fiery hue.
Lest old regrets cloud bliss and happiness;
we celebrate the days we’ll always miss.

The sweetest honeyed murmurs swaddle me,
but words melt into laughs – then slowly cease.
Cicadas hum their final melody,
and autumn winds prepare to shake the trees.

I just have time to bid my mute adieu,
and swallow up the sky, so cobalt blue.

Thanks, Wordle!