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Friday, December 31, 2010

Sonnet CCCLI

The dying afternoon, diaphanous –
how young October smiled upon my cheek!
Then through a stretch of sun-filled oxygen
your voice and eyes called blithely out to me!

We walked, our eyes upon the skyward seas,
our eyes delirious with shifting skies
as clouds subsided to obscurity
in grandiose swashes, gold and pastel dyed.

I could have stayed forever at your side,
evaporated honey everywhere;
but as our paths diverged in weary light
I drowned into intoxicating air.

I paused – in step – exultant, yet forlorn
and as the leaves spun round, I stood
                                                            - transformed!

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Sonnet CCCL

I stand, exhilarated, on the hills –
I burn with new and sprightly inner fire!
The winds of autumn cannot bind my will:
my yearning glance ignites with strange desire!
With fierce furore, these eyes will never tire –
I search the turbid skies for signs of warmth.
Beloved summer! Ever-tuneful lyre!
To leap into those warm and loving arms!

I’ll wait, unloved, forlorn, as lovers are,
but only when your promise sings again
will you return, melodious and warm –
and only then will carefree folly reign,
my foolish heart revived once more to mirth.
And only then will blossoms fill the earth!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010


The world, disfigured through the window pane,
appears to me a foreign, foreign beast.
I almost couldn’t say it was the same;
it once knew sharp and clear geometry.

Instead, some other logic speaks to me,
where lines melt wholly into endless flight
and light splits, starlit, into ecstasy;
untimely rains play freely with the eyes
and transient images dance swiftly by.

Emerging from the depths of rainy mess
she enters into view one final time,
delineated clearly from the rest.

But soon, she joins the liquid world out there,
obscured, forgotten – blurred beyond repair.

Monday, September 20, 2010


The trembling leaves fly quicker as I pass -
If I could snatch one for myself, I would!
But could that transient oak leaf ever last?

If I could slice a piece of sun, I would!
One sliver, glowing like a seraph could,
As ardent as a lover’s keen farewell!

If I could steal the blazing sky, I would!
I’d need the ocean’s blue, expensive well,
But where the clouds should go, I cannot tell!

Alas, the summer cannot flee the fate
six ancient pomegranate seeds have dealt:
her stay is brief, but dazzles everyday
before her burnished sun-crown, songbird calls;
her grass perfumes – her sunsets – yield to fall!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


A squirrel, dark as night but bright as day,
sits waiting on the sidewalk patiently.
He starts upon the short but daunting way -
the cars do not relent, but nor does he...
he races by before they even see!

The grass awaits - and soon enough, it's his.
He searches all he wants for nut and seed
and nibbles on the spot, the scamp he is!
No passer-by could steal away his bliss -
warm sun paints spots upon the vagabond
and leaves descend upon him for a kiss!
I fear I'll scare him, but I carry on -
he knows no fear! He looks me in the eye -
and boldly, boldly dares me pass him by!

Saturday, September 04, 2010


The leaves, already gilt untimely gold,
declare that cherished summer fleets too soon!

The winds, already prematurely cold;
the sun, already mild at half past noon -
Ah, summer seemed as young as sprightly June!
Too quick the torrid dream flits sadly by!

Too quick I fear the changes steal my youth,
as if my sylvan tresses too, ignite
and litter moor and dale and precipice –
as if they had no other life to lead!

As if a heart were steadfast like the skies
and thoughts were constant as the worthy trees;
as if a futile wish for summer lives –
as if autumnal minds could answer it!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Demonic monsters of the turbid sky,
guffawing with your gaping mouths like beasts -
away, away! Take wing and swiftly fly!

Regarding jealously at all who feast
and clammoring for every greasy piece -
away, away! We steadfastfully ignore!

The children, fearful, hurry to their seats,
or else combat the grey-specked, greedy hoard.
For such disturbance, there is no reward!
Mind quickly to yourselves, o scavengers...

There's scraps upon the ground - don't ask for more.
Your gluttony grows only angrier;
the laden tables are your battlegrounds -
away, away! Show mercy this time round!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Upon the hills that roll up to the sky
there lies a lone and steadfast aspen tree.
Come fall, the leaves glint gold and mutely fly
alighting on the rippling grassy sea.
With envy have I wished to be that free,
to voyage recklessly upon the air;
But never could I steer my destiny –
that endless flight would quickly bring despair.

Oh, what an empty life to live and share,
a one of many empty clones.
Then what a joy to be that tree up there;
But what unhappiness to be alone,
so mighty, yet forlorn upon the hill –

How better yet to be a human still!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


And afternoon glints faintly on the leaves,
As if that gold were all too rich to lend.
The seagulls cackle, joyous, from the eaves –
some avian joke I cannot comprehend.

One eyes me beadily – did I offend?

I nibble on a snack I saved from noon
and watch his greed evolve to merriment.
He squawks and screams, the mad bird like a loon,
expecting some reward for such a tune.
I turn away, but crumbs fall to the ground.
I watch, dismayed, to see him claim the boon.

Devouring quickly, flapping all around,
I watch him with amusement as he eats –
As if the thief deserved such stolen treats!

Thursday, August 05, 2010


The moths flit through the sea, ephemeral;
each emerald wave progresses quicker past.
The sky is blushing like a love-struck girl
and dreams, her troubled forehead overcast.

The youth of day, her liveliness fade fast;
great mountains frame the twilight of her face.
Her blazing iris tumbles shut at last:
the birds come flying for one last embrace,
imparting to that cheek an everlasting grace.

When laid to rest, surrounded by the earth,
unseeing eyes shall still observe this place.
The clouds forever sail this planet’s girth -
No death could steal them from my feeble grasp;
and evermore the grass shall faintly rasp!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


He slithers through the mute suburban maze,
A serpent buried in the silent night.
No mortal could escape that fiery gaze,
The vacant eyes aglow with ghostly light!
Some say they’ve seen the phantom taking flight,
His eerie glow an iridescent blue.
He mutely treads the roads til out of sight
and rests in wait until recalled anew.

When new day dawns he enters town to brood,
emerging, innocent as anything.
Then opening that gaping mouth for food,
the door snaps shut, his appetite appeased.

His eyes, those giant windows, gleam like stars
and noisily, the beast squeaks past the cars.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sonnet CCCXL

Attired richly – handsome ship, where to?
The grandest feasts where held for all the crew,
the Kingdom’s King and Queen have visited.
A garland circled every maiden’s head –
the skies were never bluer on that day!

We once knew love, we once had known the way,
but now we sail, forgotten, and alone.
By fog obscured, by raging rainstorms blown,
we have no end to seek and no return.
The ocean looms at every futile turn
yet hopelessly we search for sight of land.
We curse the weather’s fiercely bitter hand
and suffer in our salty carousel,
remembering a time we knew ourselves.

Monday, May 24, 2010


A thousand voices carolling,
Each shaded by the canopies of spring:
So often have I heard their charming song,
Not knowing where their tiny hearts belong!

I’ve sought the secret of the stony skies,
But never have I found that hidden prize.
Though dare I say they blush a brighter blue
Whenever their beloved trills a tune!

The grass has glowed with jealous emerald;
The sun has shone with gentler, warmer gold.
As if the world would bend toward their whims
At just one ringing note of songbird hymns!

There’s magic pouring from these feathered throats –
Have brighter seraphs ever sung such notes?

Monday, March 22, 2010


Precariously dangling from a tree,
He mutely eyes the android enemy.
He eyes his goal with puma-like furore,
Then dives through air towards the earthen floor.

Lest others steal his hard-earned, sylvan prize,
His ready senses swiftly scrutinize.
Suspecting something is indeed amiss,
He darts from sight into the shade’s abyss.

Emerging once his humble meal is done,
He breaks into a fleeting little run.
He scampers up the half-dressed, wooden bones
And rests upon the grey limb of his home.

And leafy tears obscure the world below:
The oaks lament their stolen embryos.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


They say Verona’s roses paled nearby
and summer winds retired out of spite
the day the master poised the brush to paint.

Madonna smiles, resplendent in her grace,
the Child swaddled in her azure robes:

The critics rave about the lucid strokes
that shine like flames upon a canvas sea.
The hues shine through the many centuries,
the souvenir of brightest brilliance,
undying to the transient populace.

Instead –
                 thrown out with trash and cans of beer,
half-painted as a shoddy, forged Vermeer,
by whom, but rats shall it be seen?

Oh Fame, you are a fickle, fickle fiend!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


The glance is yours: do with it what you will.
To injure or inspire, love or kill –
the eyes speak volumes more than little lies.

I ponder this while looking at your eyes,
those pools of mercury, so cruel and cold.
Why leave such enmity untold?
Because the very animosity
would strike me dead with sorrow, instantly.

If loathing did not permeate your soul,
perhaps my eyes would not reflect your own.
Perhaps my eyes would not be lethal knives,
which pierce the heart with bitterness and spite
and read like Hate’s encyclopedia,
containing endless words, but not enough.

Thanks, Wordle!