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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


He slithers through the mute suburban maze,
A serpent buried in the silent night.
No mortal could escape that fiery gaze,
The vacant eyes aglow with ghostly light!
Some say they’ve seen the phantom taking flight,
His eerie glow an iridescent blue.
He mutely treads the roads til out of sight
and rests in wait until recalled anew.

When new day dawns he enters town to brood,
emerging, innocent as anything.
Then opening that gaping mouth for food,
the door snaps shut, his appetite appeased.

His eyes, those giant windows, gleam like stars
and noisily, the beast squeaks past the cars.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sonnet CCCXL

Attired richly – handsome ship, where to?
The grandest feasts where held for all the crew,
the Kingdom’s King and Queen have visited.
A garland circled every maiden’s head –
the skies were never bluer on that day!

We once knew love, we once had known the way,
but now we sail, forgotten, and alone.
By fog obscured, by raging rainstorms blown,
we have no end to seek and no return.
The ocean looms at every futile turn
yet hopelessly we search for sight of land.
We curse the weather’s fiercely bitter hand
and suffer in our salty carousel,
remembering a time we knew ourselves.

Thanks, Wordle!