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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sonnet CCI

Away, away, some distant galaxy away,
suspended in a murky fluid, dark and red,
the dancing bubbles floated ‘round my tiny head
and splashed around as all my little fingers played.
While kicking Mother’s stomach every single place,
my Mother’s yummy nutrients had kept me fed.
Then bright and warm one noon, born on a pallid bed,
I left my mother’s womb to see the brand-new day.

And what a splendid day it was! So loud and bright!
I saw the noisy world and screamed with all my might.

My mother, with a home-cut, shabby haircut, said,
“Oh what a splendid day it is!” Her face was bright.
She saw her little baby, hugged him with her might,
and he was I, a little baby, wet and red.


  1. wow this has such an uplifting spirit, I love the first line and the entire surreal quality of it. You know, for some reason, I hold my breath if a sonnet is really good, which really worked with the whole womb thing. And by the way I'm loving these writing prompts!

  2. I love the writing prompts too! Beth at the One Minute Writer blog is really nice and has offered tons of encouragement and great ideas.

  3. Love it, and I'm so glad you're using some of TOMW prompts! Yay! Check out the site in a few minutes for a nice surprise. :)

    If you have your own children, and witness their births, I would be curious to see how your birth sonnet would change after that moving experience.

    And thanks for the links--getting some click-throughs! :)

  4. Thanks Beth! I'll check out the site in a few seconds! :P I'm my birth sonnet would change quite a bit after such a moving experience for sure!

    I'm glad the links are promoting your site! However, I think it's being reciprocated...I'm mysteriously getting some new followers these days...hmmm.... :)

  5. words. Thank you so so so much!


A word is dead
When it is said,
Some say.

I say it just
Begins to live
That day.

- Emily Dickinson

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