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Friday, March 21, 2008

Sonnet LXXXI

I learnt that creativity is mean.
A bit like kids from daycare I called “friends”.
You know, those bullies that ate all your snacks
then stole your toys and lied to meet their ends.

He knows no bounds. Your generosity’s
a waste. Besides, your deadlines disappear,
for creativity ignores all time.
An hour turns to days, then squandered years.

So fickle, fleeing all time like the birds
then coming back and plaguing you at night
or in the middle of your favourite soap
or during dinner, saving you some bites.

One thing I’ve learnt – that muses can’t be true.
Rely on them and kill your wishes too.


  1. haha :) I can relate, the book I'm supposed to be writing this summer is coming along so well...
    I feel so full of ideas but too lazy and uninspired to do anything about it. Oh well.

  2. lol, usually all those things mean creativity's good. Nice going twisting it around. I love "A bit like kids from daycare I called “friends”" for some reason, it makes me laugh. but "or in the middle of your favourite soap"... I think it's soap opera? unless you really mean that when you're using soap, and you get to the middle of it (if it ever happens), creativity just hits you? literally? lol, that's a funny idea. anyways, I thought I was the mystical muse... I'm that bad? (jk)

  3. Soap, soaps, it's a short from I've heard (or might have imagined) for soap operas. Basically, I was trying to think of really random and annoying times that creativity might hit you, even though it never hits you when you want it to! :)

    I love twisting things around, but I've always wanted to write about creativity's slightly more elusive side ever since I vowed to write five sonnets a day, which is...not exactly happening! ;)

  4. Oh and of course you're not that bad as my official mystical muse! But it would help if you could maybe warn me when you're showing up or maybe come and inspire me when I actually want you to be inspired, like not during Oprah or during dinner...!

  5. Oh, ha ha ha! Well, they do say inspiration comes ... um... from odd places! I think.


A word is dead
When it is said,
Some say.

I say it just
Begins to live
That day.

- Emily Dickinson

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