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Tuesday, March 18, 2008


That haunting subject enters all alone.
His countersubject, following, condones,
subservient, but equal in its turns,
a contrast to the subject’s dull returns.

Each voice must state the subject loud and clear.
The previously entered stay quite near,
reciting countersubjects, then perhaps
a second one may sound, to fill the gaps.

An interlude’s between the subject’s calls.
The exposition’s done when called have all.
Then episodes, recycling all the lines;
a stretto sounds the entries one more time.

The hackneyed motives breed economy.
For fun we’ll add a tierce de Picardie.


  1. Wow, Mike. You can teach theory by writing sonnets. And it's amazing that you've written so many poems, I just realized that! um, does L stands for 50, or 100?

  2. Actually nvm, I figure it out. Wholly geez, Mike! Amazing number! You have great determination and concentration. Lucky Numbers are: 1, 56, 8, 4, 27, 586, 234 (random numbers)

  3. I could teach theory with these sonnets...*Mike dreams of world domination with his little minions (theory-infected students who read his sonnets)...*

    And wow, I like my randomly lucky numbers! *Mike tries to think of some connection, some pattern...fails...* 8 is my favourite number! :)

    And yes, 83 is a big number! Bigger than my age! ;) But I've published so many sonnets on this blog my Roman Numeral skills are like second nature! It seems just like yesterday when...I dunno. I started this blog...?

    (well, now I can karate chop my foes with my harpsichordal piano-imabic pentmater AND Roman Numeral skills...TAKE THAT FOES!!)

  4. ROFL! Gosh, Mike, 83 really is bigger than 16? (Don't know when your b-day is, so, I'm guessing Jan. 1st) I had no idea! 83 sure is a big number!

    Oh, and I think your foes are beginning to go deaf and blind. Maybe you should make them go mute as well?

  5. Sticking cotton balls in their mouths might help...

    You don't know my birthday?!? How could you?!? ;) It's three days from today! And in four days I'm writing Counterpoint 4 and History 5 (Beijing Olympics too!). In five days I'm writing Harmony 4! AHH! That's why I haven't written anything for a week....


A word is dead
When it is said,
Some say.

I say it just
Begins to live
That day.

- Emily Dickinson

Thanks, Wordle!