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Monday, May 26, 2008


Their rhythms hypnotize and calm me down,
their repetition easing all my qualms.
The simple harmonies remove my frown,
replaced with artificial stupor’s awe.
Their strange effects are amplified with sounds
of luscious singers, singing with a drawl.

The state of modern music is a mess:
it’s been reduced to basic chords and such,
mixed in with skill-less “singers”, poor at best,
and mediocre lyrics, weak as mush,
repeating in their choruses, no less.
No substance, only hypnotizing mush.
It suits our lack of truthful happiness,
a fitting dullness in a life of such.


  1. Actually it is rythm.

    Most initial Rs in Classical Greek are rh, but not if a th (or ph or ch) follows.

    Catechism and Rythm are thus good Greek but may surprise people who thought they woiuld spell **cathechism and **rhythm because there is Cathecumen and Rhinoceros

  2. I'm pretty certain it's "Rhythm". On my spell check it says it's "Rhythm". So do the search engines. If I type in "Rythm", it asks "did you mean "Rhythm"? :)

  3. your spell check does not know classical greek ...

  4. Your explanation makes sense...BUT..the accepted spelling (even in all my thesauri AND dictionaries AND music textbooks) IS rhythm!!!! :P

    [you grammar anarchist...]

  5. in grammar, as elsewhere, I am not so much anarchist as traditionalist

  6. Well, in any case...I've never seen it spelled it that way until now! :P

  7. I agree with you, the most part of nowadays music sucks. People say I have a weird music taste, I never find anyone with my age that likes the same type music that I do, I know some people that say that like this or that music because it's fashion. I never do it, when I like something is really passion and it doesn't matter if their old or new, I'm not a music fashion victim, I love the rock but mainly the old rock like the Scorpions and bands of that time, I also love Robbie Williams he's a great singer and songwritet, try it. Keep spreading the spirit.

  8. I agree. I really enjoy "classical" music because
    a) I play & study that kind of music and
    b) the "music" of today really has no substance
    so I'm firmly against modern music!


A word is dead
When it is said,
Some say.

I say it just
Begins to live
That day.

- Emily Dickinson

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