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Friday, August 15, 2008


I’m just a human dragon, dressed in darkest coal.
My breath – a freezing fire – burns a frozen white,
illuminated in the chilly morning’s bite.
My freezing scales and skin destroy my drifting soul
and soon the monstrous cold begins to take its toll.
I stamp my fiendish feet, as loudly as the night
and those who shiver ‘round me shiver in their fright,
still thinking I’m grotesque and vicious as a troll.

I’m angry, now impatient, waiting for my bus.
Destructive in frustration, now I crossly fuss.

But when it comes, I turn into another beast.
I’m still a dragon, but now I am one, sage and wise.
My happiness, refreshed at last, is like the east –
for now it shines much like the glowing suns that rise.

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A word is dead
When it is said,
Some say.

I say it just
Begins to live
That day.

- Emily Dickinson

Thanks, Wordle!