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Sunday, September 28, 2008


Momentous, momentary pleasure must secede
to watching weight, so equally as selfish though
a lot less fun; an effort spent with foolish Woe.
How difficult and ravenous the task must be
when such delicious Turkey crowns the Festive Feast!
One smiles, sipping wine, and all the while knows
the foul fowl lights the Greed within the bowel,
a ghastly, menacing, and dangerous Disease.

One smacks their lips, a wolf delighted with their Hare;
but truly, is it hare or Wolf that’s now ensnared?

A-rumbling in the antechamber of the gut,
a trembling Fire burns, the inkling of Desire.
One takes the fork and grabs a bite as now the pyre
alights, ignites, and rages like a dirty Smut.


  1. Ha! Fun. Could be part of a "Seven Deadly Sins" sonnet collection. The big G...gluttony...probably the one on the list most of us commit the most often!

  2. Did you write the Bach sonnet? It's great!

    Yes, do the other 6!!

  3. What a great idea!! This reminds me of a music theory sonnet about...


    Ah, joyous music greets our ears so sweet,
    a saccharine surprise of harmonies.
    But ah – alas – forget not all the laws
    of theory – writ by Bach, to purge your flaws.

    1. (From Bach) I am the Lord thy God – now heed my laws:
    2. Thou shalt not love another Bach
    3. and make a lot of images of me
    4. but curse my mother not when fifths you see.

    5. Remember all my dates for History…
    6. keep holy; Honour all your theory gods
    7. (your teachers, silly fool) – Commit not crimes:
    8. forgetting accidentals, parallels…

    9. And tidy up your writing; make it shine!
    10. Or else, don't covet answers, foolish swine.

    I should write sonnets about all the other Deadly Sins :P

  4. Oops...I reposted the "Bach sonnet" comment after your reply! :P Now you seem like a psychic! I'm impressed...

    The rest will come in approximately 20 days, after I've posted the ones I haven't posted yet! Then I'll probably gather the bunch on Voglio Tempo :)

  5. Oh, and yes, it's mine! :P A fun little thing I whipped up for my music-friend, who suggested me to do them as well!

  6. I guess I'm a fake psychic! Wait...isn't that a bit redundant...?

  7. C.Beth is right. Gluttonous behavior is so common. Even I have done a post on gluttony.

    I like how you allude to the Turkey, Hare, Wolf and Smut. Gluttony is very carnal and infectious.

    I'm sure I'll be worrying about this poem the next time I have turkey...



A word is dead
When it is said,
Some say.

I say it just
Begins to live
That day.

- Emily Dickinson

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